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Beaudoin visual artist

Pierre Beaudoin

Pierre Beaudoin visual artist

Born in Montreal, Pierre Beaudoin was influenced by his father a multidisciplinary artist. From a young age, pictorial art was omnipresent in his life, drawing and photography were part of his main occupations, his leisure activities. For him there was no doubt of what he wanted to achieve in his life, he wanted to be a visual artist more than anything and by all means of expression.

Graphic artist and a photographer by training, he has practiced his art in media as varied as advertising, graphic and photographic illustration as well as display, he also distinguishes himself as art director and teacher in graphic design.

Photography was his first passion, « photography is for me the medium with which I capture a moment of magic, exploring my environment and deepening my way of seeing life ».

I always have my camera with me when I'm traveling, I'm very observant, whether it is a landscape, an urban scene or a still life, everything is a pretext to capture this moment by having the painting in memory, but when the temperature allows it, I like to paint outside in good company of my friends.