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David Rouchet Photography

David Rouchet

It was for my thirteenth birthday that I got my first camera, a Praktica MTL3 with a 50mn lens. This was back in the early 80's. Should I call that a virus? I don't actually know, but since then, I've never really stopped taking pictures.

For me, as per many other photographers, the photography is a form of expression, a means to tell how you see the world and in some respects to expose your personality. I explore the photography to show this world like I see it or sometimes like I would like it to be seen.

I conceive the photography as a series of processes, starting from the glance and the camera and ending with the darkroom or nowadays, the 'light-room'. Sometimes, an image requires a deep thinking prior any other things and many thoughts, long time after having shutting down the computer.