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HIL-AIR (Nabil Zariffa)

Nabil Zariffa

Photography is more than a hobby for me; it’s a passion. Already in the late 50s, I had my own darkroom, where I developed films, enlarged photos and experimented with various techniques (solarization, etc.).

I have shot in 35 mm for a long time but moved to digital photography in 2004

I love to explore shapes colours and light effects.  I use today’s technology to give my imagination and creativity a free hand.

My camera never leaves me when I travel. I always look for opportunities to take candid photos! I take a lot of pictures of flowers, often in macro photography, insects, birds and scenes of daily life  and, at times, unusual landscapes.

I offer photography services such as restoration of old photos, photographing objects for commercial purposes and photographing works of art for catalogues.

Some of my photos won prizes other have illustrated calendars (Mount-Royal Cemetery), posters and newspapers articles.