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Mycas editions artiste

Mylene Joncas

English follow Throughout Mycas' professional career, creativity and artistic sense are an essential fuel that motivates her in all these projects. Whether technical or artistic, both are present in his journey! Self-taught artist, at a very young age, she learned about drawing to move into the technical arts, building design and interior decoration. Today, the artist takes the first place in her heart, acrylic, watercolor, photography, jewelry, writing are all mediums that inspire the artist to take care of the beautiful! She sees the creation that is born from her soul to that of being shared in your daily life or in your decor. Mycas is always on the lookout for the next opportunity that will turn their everyday feeling into a work of art. His approach and his creations evolve as his style is refined. However, she refuses all labels and works hard to make sure she never repeats herself. Whatever the project, Mycas approaches it with absolute enthusiasm and generosity. Art is food for the soul, we all need it in our lives, no matter which angle we choose. Thank you for buying artists, we continue thanks to you! Mycas