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Art & Design Photography

Denis Goulet

have a long experience of artistic photography, especially as a member of an engraving workshop during the 1980s and I participated in several group exhibitions and made solo exhibitions including the contemporary art gallery "Noctuelle Now gone. I also participated, as an artist-photographer, in collaborations with recognized Quebecois poets such as Gatien Lapointe, Yves Boisvert and Clément Marchand. I also participated in works of art. All this was interrupted by a long academic career. My return to artistic photography is not accidental and it is part of an approach related to my recent retirement where my analysis and observation skills that punctuated my career Professor and researcher have turned to new artistic approaches from photography. On the formal and technical levels, I point out that the latest snapshots were taken in very high resolution which can easily be printed in very large format preferably on an acrylic support. My photographic approach has two overlapping components: one is an artistic process that oscillates between figuration and abstraction while the other is more focused on design.