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Dynamic Arts

Claudiu Belciug

I was born in a country rich in traditions and legends than can send shivers up your spine. My first camera was a gift from my father. Unfortunately, at that time there was not much choice in my country. The market was completely dominated by brands made in the former U.S.S.R. Since then, I had about ten cameras, more or less sophisticated. My first SLR camera made me rediscover the artist on me. I have always been passionate about art. At thirteen, I was writing poems to lose, suddenly, my inspiration a few years later.

I find that photography is one of the most complex arts. This is not because of the technical concepts than can be very complex or because of the price of the equipment, which can be exorbitant. The main cause is that the camera can not lie to make reality as we would like. However, the photographer can play with a few factors: good place, good time, good setting of the case. A good photographer evinces a sixth sense - he squeezes in advance interesting snapshots. I wish you a good trip in the universe of my creations.