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Jean-Christophe Yacono (yako)

Jean-christophe Yacono

Hello, my name is (they call me) yako. I have been interested in new forms of digital writing for screens and public spaces since 1993. It is through photography, interactive "new realities" and "freeze frame" that I began to reflect on the gesture and the mouvement, on the fly or choreographed, on its traces in the still image or in animated sequences, in the shifts and blurs that the movement prints on a sensor.

My images are blurry. They always have been. I have always been attracted by images in which we perceive time, a scrolling decor, the feverishness of a body that moves or a hand that grasps. As if what attracts me is what I can't fully grasp. To perceive the passing of time rather than to watch the stop on an image, constrained, posed, unrealistic.

Do not hesitate to contact me for specific requests.