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Shamanita, the little Waorani girl (Retake form Varial)
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Portfolio Jean-Christophe Yacono (yako)
Artist Jean-christophe Yacono
Limited Edition 10 of 10 remaining
SKU art-285-7535
Keywords Portrait, Photo de rue, noir et blanc, la vie des autochtones compte, laviedesautochtonescompte, portrait, street photo, black and white, indigenouslivesmatter

Shamanita, the little Waorani girl (Reta...

180113, Ricoh GRII, G017029.jpg, 1080px², 28mm, 1/40, iso 800, f2.8 -- Bameno, Ecuador " This little #waorani girl from the #amazonforest of ecuador has been the cover of my business card for quite some years now. She is still a street art installation i did on my door years ago in proud of her, and still supporting the fight of the whole Bameno Kemperi clan for territory against oil exploitation. " - Varial


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