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L'autre. (Paris, 4:15 am, end of a story)
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Portfolio Jean-Christophe Yacono (yako)
Artist Jean-christophe Yacono
Limited Edition 10 of 10 remaining
SKU art-285-7531
Keywords Paris, cinema, rupture, noir et blanc, Paris, cinema, Breakdown, black and white

L'autre. (Paris, 4:15 am, end of a story)

171223, Ricoh GRII, G015537.jpg, 1080px², 28mm, 1/10, iso 3200, f2.8 -- A couple coming apart, in the very cinema light of Paris, December 2017 — This image belongs to the movie 2236 SHOTS IN PARIS WITH M ***** F ****** (2018). Photoclip made using 2236 images mounted on music that warmed my ears during a cold and humid month of December 2017 in Paris.


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