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Traffic Highway A-15 Montreal
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Portfolio Eric Walter Schaffner - Photographer (ewsfoto)
Artist Eric walter Schaffner
SKU art-47-1649
Keywords autouroute, trafic, lumières, tracé de lumières, Voitures, voie rapide, autoroute Décarie, boulevard Décarie, exposition longue, nuages, nuageux, sombre, lugubre, plafond bas, rouge, blanc, jaune, rapide, vitesse, vite, gris, sale, pollution, urbain, vie urbaine, cité sombre, ballet de lumières, photographie de nuit, noirceur, lampadaires, étoiles, étoile, autouroute, traffic, Lights, track lights, Cars, fast track, Decarie, Decarie Boulevard, long exposure, clouds, cloudy, dark, dingy, low ceiling, red, white, yellow, fast speed, fast, gray, dirty, pollution, urban, urban life, dark city, ballet lights, night photography, citylights, stars, starlight, Star lights

Traffic Highway A-15 Montreal

Shooting Decarie A-15 in Montreal at sunset under a cloudy sky, almost mournful dark with her ballet lights.


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