About Us


Since our founding in 1972, Photolab Yves Thomas has constantly evolved to adapt to new technologies and meet professional photographer’s needs.

Our services are offered to all photographers who need superior quality printing, on photographic paper and on decorative materials. Our photographic printing professionals master the art of printing on canvas, acrylic Plexiglas, brushed aluminium metal, gatorboard and fine art photo paper.

We pay particular attention to our customer requirements and to superior print quality. As a pro laboratory, we strive to offer fast service with much better color balance than the competition in our finished products.

Each one of our photographic and large format printers is carefully color calibrated to produce reliably precise color reproduction which matches those displayed on your computer monitor (which, for best results, should also be color calibrated).

A Short History of Photolab Yves Thomas

Yves Thomas founded this Photolab in 1972 with his wife Marie-Agnès. A few years ago, his grown children Arnaud and Anouk recently took over daily management of the company. Anouk has been working for over 20 years in the Photolab, and Arnaud recently joined the team after having successfully worked in the restaurant field for over 15 years. Photolab currently employs over 10 employees who are passionate about art and photography and have been in many cases working at the lab for many years. 

Right after having founded our photo processing lab, all images were processed with a negative enlarger and developed in chemical solutions, and then hung up to dry. Then appeared better performing photo printers. We would insert negatives in special brackets and a technician would determine appropriate color corrections that needed to be applied depending on the density of the negative image. 

Each negative was printed on large photographic paper rolls and passed through large chemical processors. Yves would view each image and apply appropriate color corrections depending on the requirements. Test rolls would be passed back to the technician to enter appropriate corrections and proceed to printing out the large-size images.

Eventually, video analyzers and mini-labs appeared on the market that would greatly simplify and streamline technician’s workflow. As an added bonus, processing times were also reduced and permitted direct previewing  of color negatives. Finally, automated cut machines were acquired and integrated at the output of photo processing machines to speed finishing steps.

In the early 2000’s, the Photo Lab began a fundamental transformation to the digital age. Since 2006, all equipment and processes in our lab are 100% digital.

Today, the Lab not only produces prints on pro photo paper, but also on several large formats and decorative materials.

We are very proud to have been the first in Montreal to offer acrylic (plexiglass) printing, brushed aluminum metal  printing, canvas prints and gatorboard. We also offer a full range of school kit printing for professional school class photography and graduation photography.

We use high quality materials and top of the line digital printing equipment to offer best of market print quality with consistent color reproduction results.

Need more? Our customers can also print their art images in non-standard shapes and sizes. With our custom print orders, you don’t have to restrict your creativity to standard sizes and can request any size and shape that you need. This is the creative freedom offered by Photolab Yves Thomas!