Our printers

At PhotoLab Yves Thomas, we use the best digital printers in order to offer you superior printing services and superior printed results.

We use three professional Noritsu photo paper printers which use laser printing and output images using chemical processing. Two printers are suitable for formats from 2.5 inches to 12 x 36 inches, while our third, very large format printer (a Noritsu LP24 Pro Wide Format printer) can print on formats all the way up to 24 x 100 inches.

Noritsu LP24 at PhotoLab Yves Thomas

Our Noritsu LP24 Printers

Large image formats can be printed on large inkjet printers on matte or glossy paper. If you prefer “real” traditional photo paper, we can have your very large prints processed by one of our photo printing partners.

We also use a latex-based inkjet large format printer with which we can offer prints up to 60 inches in width on pro photo paper and fine art papers.

OCE Large Format InkJet Printer at PhotoLab Yves Thomas

Our large-format OCE InkJet UV ink printers

Our OCE inkjet printers allow us to produce high quality canvas, acrylic Plexiglas and brushed metal prints, as well as images on gatorboard and self-adhesive vinyl.

Our digital printers are calibrated and profiled in order to produce the most accurate colors and color nuances which are expertly matched to colors on a calibrated computer monitor. See our color correction section for information on our color correction and image correction services.