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School Kits Professional Printing Services at Photolab Yves Thomas

School Photography

If you do school photography and are looking for a pro lab that can take care of all your school kit printing needs, you’re at the right place. At PhotoLab Yves Thomas, we’ve been handling thousands of school kit orders for many years. We offer school kits for all grade levels, from daycare and kindergarten all the way up to university graduation.

In order that we execute your school kit orders in an efficient way, please get in touch with us so that we understand your picture-taking process as well as your organization methods and file-naming conventions. Together we will determine the most efficient way to process all of your pictures while reducing your workload as much as possible.

The work structure that we’ll propose will vary according to the following factors:

  • How many schools do you service?
  • If you’re using green-screen for your school pictures or not
  • Do you take regular pictures only or also school sports pictures
  • Do you wish to offer photo montage services, such as having the student’s picture on the same page as a class picture, for example
  • What kinds of school kit orders and order methods you offer to parents and students

How to order school kit printing

For smaller volumes, we recommend using our ROES photo software to upload your pictures and your orders. This software doesn’t require any investment on your part, nor does it present any user challenges that require training.

  • Each image is corrected individually, then tested and re-corrected if necessary;
  • We take care of the cropping for you;
  • We assemble your kits for you;
  • We offer green screen processing as well as integration of backgrounds and background effects;
  • We can also generate order forms for you that can be sent directly to the parents or students.

Another method of preparing your order is by sending a database to go with your pictures. When you submit a database, we’ll need to agree on a standard naming structure for your picture files which orders all of your shots and matches the data included in your database.

When you submit a database to go with your school kits, we’ll be able to produce all kits and sort them by class year or class number, which can save you substantial amounts of time. However, the database method does not allow you to specify custom cropping measurements for each picture.

Providing a school kit image database will allow you to:

  • Order all of your school photo kits, regardless of the volume of pictures in each order;
  • Produce order forms for your customers;
  • Offer photo montages
  • Do batch green screen processing and background inserting


If you need extra control over your images, we recommend using SimpleKit. This software will allow you to zoom, straighten, compose and crop your images as required.

SimpleKit is free but must be configured specifically for you before you can use it, which is why you must contact us in order to configure and download a copy.

With SimpleKit, you’ll also be able to import your images, sort them into directories, separate them by class number and organize your collection in general. After processing your images with SimpleKit, you can upload all of your school photo assets as well as the matching database through our FTP server.

Click here to see instruction videos on Simple Kit

Please note that SimpleKit is not an appropriate option if you want to create order forms to go along with your kits, or if you need to carry out green screen processing.

Please contact us to get a quote for your school photo kits.

Sending your school pictures to us via FTP

Sending your school kit pictures by FTP is a simple process that will allow you to send large quantities of images without having to visit us at the Lab. If you don’t currently use FTP software, we suggest Filezilla (on PC) or Cyberduck (on Mac).

Download FileZilla

When you’re ready to send us images through FTP, contact us and we’ll create a unique FTP box and directory for you. If you can’t or don’t want to use FTP, use our ROES software to send images.

Using PackBuilder

Another option for creating school kits it the use of PackBuilder and Capture Post. If you already have a school database with student names and their associated information, PackBuilder will allow you to easily associated data with individual image files. PackBuilder will allow you to:

  • Process green screen backgrounds;
  • Associate one or more images to each student (for making order forms);
  • Crop and center images;
  • Create photo montages;
  • Build and submit final orders.

PackBuilder is powerful but requires some startup investment in the form of training and experimenting.