When you’ve chosen the printing material that best suits your image and your display requirements, why not consider a custom frame?

Framing a picture adds value and style to your image. Each one of our printed materials can be mounted and framed right within our lab; no need to print at one place and bring your work to be framed somewhere else!

All of our frames are custom made by a master framer and are mounted on an appropriate support surface or sub frame, depending on the situation. You can choose a frame from our large selection of frames. All moldings are made from real wood and have a good resistance to wear and tear.

If you’ve opted for printing on photo paper or fine art photo paper, then these soft printing media need to be glued to an acid-free foam board to avoid the forming of bubbles of wavy areas on the image. We can also add a glass cover to protect your image.

If you’re unsure about what your image would look like with or without a custom frame, contact us or come visit our lab in person to ask for assistance, and we’ll be happy to guide you in your choices and show you a variety of framing options.

For information on various printing materials that we offer, see our products section.