Non-standard Printing Formats

At Photolab Yves Thomas, we pride ourselves in offering all the services that a pro photographer might require, including printing on non-standard formats that may be hard to procure in other labs.

Our digital printers as well as the software suites that we use to correct and adjust your images allow us the flexibility to print in any size and shape that you need.

Are there any surcharge fees for non-standard formats?

Yes, for smaller images. For non-standard formats, we charge 2$ per print for prints that are smaller than 16×20 inches in size. For larger formats, we don’t charge any extra fees.

How can I avoid non-standard format surcharges?

In order to reduce your non-standard photo format surcharges, use our ROES software and see the variety of standard sizes that are available from within the software. If your images don’t fit any of the standard formats, you can also use the included tools to crop your images into standard formats when that’s appropriate for your project.