PhotoLab Yves Thomas offers color correction services to all our customers and for most types of orders. Are you looking to print some of your artwork but hesitate because you’re afraid that final results will not match the original colors on your screen? Color correction and image correction are two of our core expert services.

Our professional technicians review each of your images individually and adjust contrast, luminosity, color balance and saturation, all in order to ensure that your final printed results are both beautiful and conform to the natural colors of your subject.

We take extra care to take your particular photo-shoot situation into account when we make adjustments. For example, if you shoot pictures during a concert or a play, we take care to notice the ambient light and colors so that we reproduce the actual lighting scenarios that are present in your images, rather than use automated skin tone balancing algorithms that may not suit the situation.

When entrusting your best pictures to our printing staff, you won’t get nasty surprises in color reproduction such as blue or pink snow, gray wedding dresses or greenish skies. We take care to look at the contents of each of your pictures and choose the most appropriate correction so that snow is white, skies are their natural blue and results are as perfect as they were when you took the shot.

For smaller print formats that start from 2.5 inches to 12 x 36 inches, we offer color correction services as a paid option. All large formats of 16 x 20 inches of more include professional color correction at no extra cost, all you need to do is ask!

When you choose to print on specialty materials such as canvas, acrylic, brushed metal, gatorboard or fine art paper, our technicians take extra care to adjust color corrections to compensate for those material’s special characteristics, all in order to ensure that the final result looks beautiful and is a precise representation of your original artwork.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to ask questions, discuss how to calibrate your computer monitor, or to find out what color profiles we recommend with your image processing software.