Whether you need to print on pro photo paper, make large format prints or transfer images to acrylic Plexiglas, gatorboard, canvas, fine art paper or self-adhesive vinyl or brushed aluminum, Photolab Yves Thomas has what you are looking for.

Do you have a great picture that would look great printed in extra large formats? You’re at the right place!

Of course, we also print many standard-size images.

If you need to decorate your house or office, print on acrylic and create clear and brightly colored wall art. Need a modern and innovative look? Or do you need a material that can be used inside and out without suffering the effects of sun and weather? Then consider brushed aluminium prints.

If you enjoy art-gallery looking prints, consider printing on large canvas, which gives an artist canvas look to any picture, or printing on fine-art photo paper, which gives any print a look straight out of a museum!

As an affordable alternative for large format prints, you can consider gatorboard prints. Gatorboard produces versatile, thick back prints which can easily be used to decorate offices or showrooms.

Photolab Yves Thomas also produces custom postcards, as well as folded cardsbusiness cards and sports cards.