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School photos simplified

We understand that school photography requires a lot of image management and organization, and Photolab Yves Thomas is here to help you!


We offer several simplified workflow options whether you’re a low or high volume business. Let’s work together to find the workflow that best suits your needs, reduces the time you spend working and reduce your stress.


Together we’ll find solutions adapted to your specific needs.

Transfer the workload to us. We will do all the custom configuration of your school packages for you in our software.
Schools, daycares or sports!
Low or high volume.
Professional printing, specializing in colour correcting for healthy skin tones.
Quick turnaround of approximately 3 working days between even before Christmas.
Very affordable delivery fee.



Online ordering available.
Order forms or proofs sheets.
Sports cards.
Memory mates.
Background management for png files with transparency (Greenscreen).
Color and cropping adjustment options available.
GPI for schools (Image exportation with special filename and size)


We now offer personalized gifts through our ordering systems. You can see our products by clicking here


Whether you are a low or high volume studio, we have solutions for you!

Place your orders by:


Text file.
ROES software.
Simple kit software (Windows only).

Complete solutions that automate image matching to the students’ data.



Sports cards are printed on cardboard and can be printed double sided.
A set contains 8 cards with the same image.
Each set is individually packaged.


Important notes for file preparation:
Do not place important information within 1/8” of the edges of the template.
Avoid framing around your images to prevent uneven borders and cut text.

Online ordering
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To each his own specialty! A winning solution for you!


GotPhoto has set up an ordering platform specially designed to meet the needs of school photography and at Photolab Yves Thomas, we are the photo printing professionals!


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– Each order is individually wrapped.
– Late order is delivered directly to the parent.
– Once the return date has been reached, we deliver all orders to your studio classified by group.


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